Touhou 13: Ten Desires Demo

20 Apr

Well, the demo for TH13 is out now. It’s has this interesting new system called Trance Mode. Basically what trance mode is, is that when you die, you will be put in a trance which lasts a time equal to to how many trance items you have. In trance’s mode, you’re pretty much invincible, and you can still damage everything onscreen.

Although I haven’t played the actual demo yet, trance mode seems like an interesting concept. But doesn’t that just make the game a bit too easy? Being grated ten seconds of life after death?


The heroines, Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, and Youmu, have been doing their average deeds, when suddenly, and bunch of divine spirits come out of nowhere. They attempt to investigate the cause of all this.

Stage 1:

First person you would go to in this situation is Yuyuko. She challenges you to a battle, even though she is investigating herself. After she is defeated, she stops her investigation and leaves it in the hand of the heroines.

Yuyuko a first boss is kinda strange, it makes everyone expect something like Cirno as an extra stage boss. Her art looks weird in game but doesn’t look that weird when it’s not; her new theme isn’t that great either.

Stage 2:

After following the trail, it appears to lead to Myouren Temple. There, you meet the bodyguard and janitor, Kyouko. To defend from intruders, she challenges you, but lets you in after she is defeated.

I love the concept of her spellcards. Containing danmaku by creating barriers out of sound is a great idea. This boss is cool and I like her.

Stage 3:

The trail of divine spirits leads to a graveyard where Kogasa tries to scare you. After defeating her, you meet a zombie, Yoshika. It is revealed that she is being controlled against her will by the charm on her head, so after defeating her you then attempt to find her master.

Zombies? In my Touhou? Well I guess it balances out, because I like her theme. But the fact that she can eat things and heal herself is just cheap.

She also has some pretty funny fanart:

Overall, I’m looking forward to this game. It’s pretty interesting, and I can’t wait for its full release.

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