Scoring System

28 Apr

When I finish a series I put a percentage next to it. That percentage is represented by this score:


XX/25 (The most important part. You need a good story to have a good anime.)


XX/15 (Shit-quality art pisses me off when people do it, which is why it’s worth so many points)


XX/5 (Music is nice)


XX/5 (If an anime drags way too long it makes me suffer. Otherwise, this is an easy five points)


XX/20 (There have been some great anime with shit endings.)

Voice Acting:

XX/5 (Hopefully the sound isn’t annoying and it syncs with the audio)


XX/10 (Because I hate some characters)


XX/15 (If I like it in general, it will be represented here)

Of course, some anime like Lucky Star and such require a different scale, which I’ll determine later.

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Posted by on April 28, 2011 in Anime, Other


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