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Rant: Nyan Cat

Urg.. People I know are making nyan-cat references. It’s U.N. Owen all over again.

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Alright, I’m back.

Yeah, hey guys. I missed you all.

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Mother’s Day

I never planned on complaining about anything, and having to go on hiatus, but I’ve return after my no-internet spell over the last week. My week started off with me getting sick off of some customer at the place I work at. Immediately, after I got well, Mother’s Day week came up. If you don’t know anything about the foodservice industry, one thing to take note of is people like to spend on Mother’s Day. In the foodserivce industry, Mother’s day is the busiest day of the year, however, my stupid city decides to post events throughout the whole week, so that I die of exhaustion before Mother’s day. I have had no time to do anything. (except Pokemon)

tl;dr I’m cranky because I have no free time as a result of Mother’s Day. updates

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